Schools are opened and every mother wonders what to give her child for a snack at school. And for the long hours in the office, the wonder for snack is the same. The gluten-free options for takeout snacks are minimal to none.

Nothing like homemade! You choose the ingredients you will use and thus avoid the dubious quality used in the ready-made ones. Combine them with fresh fruit and some nuts and you will have a strong energy boost that will last until lunch time.

I have you not one, not two, but 10 Gluten Free homemade snacks for you! 5 Savory + 5 Sweet suggestions that you will do all the time and you’re not freaking out for that again. All my suggestions are finger food so you don’t have to take spoon or fork with you and you can take them within a bag. Have an ecological conscience and use paper bags if possible.

Which ones will you do? For seeing and admire them, take a picture, upload it to Instagram story & tag @vivoglutenfreecom so I can be proud for you!

5 Savoury Gluten Free Snack Ideas

Easy Gluten Free Cheese Cookies

These cheese cookies have exactly the same taste as my grandmothers’ bureks but here is an easy method.

Savoury Gluten Free Cake with colourful Mediterranean Vegetables

A cake, but a savoury one! And gluten free! A recipe that always succeeds! You will eat it all almost immediately! Impossible to resist!


Gluten Free Baton Sale (French salted breadsticks)

You will love the crispy texture of these Gluten Free Baton Sale – French breadsticks. Enjoy them on any occasion!

Gluten Free Mini Cheese Pies with Phyllo Crust Sheet

Super crunchy mini Cheese pies! Quick, easy and delicious! The best gluten-free cheese pies you’ve ever eaten!

Gluten Free Koulouri Thessalonikis – Greek Sesame Bagels

The Thessaloniki bagels are a classic value for a perfect breakfast or snack! Make your own fresh, crunchy gluten-free sesame bagels.

5 Sweet Gluten Free Snack Ideas

Gluten Free Tahini Cocoa Cookies

Special cookies with tahini and cocoa. With less sugar and with the cookie stamp that I brought back from London.

Vegan Gluten Free Strawberry & Chocolate Soft Cookies

The best recipe for soft cookies that you will love!! Ideal snack for school, work, breakfast etc. Easy, 5 min prep in a single bowl.

Moms Style Gluten Free Cake

You will always found freshly baked cake in my house. Cake is the easiest thing for me to have at home to avoid ready-made cakes, cookies, etc!

Best Ever Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

The best ever vegan, allergen free, gluten free chocolate cake that will blow your mind! Pair it with strawberries and you will never make any other cake again!

12 Gluten Free Cupcakes with Strawberry Dessert

Cake is a favourite sweet of all because you can eat it, either for breakfast or for evening snack. Is an ideal snack to take it with you at school or at work or at an excursion.

Choose one or more of the above recipes, make your own variation if you want and take a photo, upload it to Instagram story & tag @vivoglutenfreecom so I can see it, admire it and be proud for you!


If you want to make it easier for you, make bigger quantities and store the leftovers in portions in the freezer. From a day before taking with you, place the portion you want, in the fridge from freezer. That way it will be fresh!

Good Luck and Bon Appétit!!!


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