Clean Monday is the first day of fasting in the Greek Orthodox religion. Nutritionally it is important because it marks the beginning of the 40-day fast, which ends with Easter. Traditionally, Clean Monday was characterized as a day of purification (spiritually) and preparation for fasting and mourning. People ate fish eggs (tarama), bread, beans (without olive oil) and other vegetables.

Glean Monday
without lagana, taramosalata and kite
it can not be done!

In all the years of my life they have always been there, until the moment I was diagnosed with celiac disease. It’s been a couple of years since Clean Monday had only kite flying for me.

But now it has all 3, and more for a gluten-free Clean Monday. And I have it all here for you:

We start with the most typical for Clean Monday, the  Gluten Free Lagana (Greek Flatbread) (for recipe click here)

As we say in Greece, we will dive into the gluten-free Taramosalata with our lagana (for recipe click here)

And we make the  kite (click here for  typical greek kite, sorry instructions only in greek lanquage only) which if the weather helps will fly high in the sky!


Little bites of heaven! Traditional Greek Gluten Free Vegan Dolmades (Stuffed Vine/Grape Leaves Rolls)(see recipe here) with vine leaves, rice & lots of herbs! They are delicious, naturally Gluten Free and Vegan.

However, the salad should not be missing from our meal, and to make it more delicious, we make the most delicious gluten-free vinaigrette (click here for the recipe) that you can leave aside any other food.

With lagana you can make delicious and easy gluten-free garlic bread (for recipe click here)

If you like garlic, I suggest you make gluten-free Skordalia (bread, walnut & garlic dip) (for recipe click here)


Even those who don’t like legumes will go crazy with these gluten-free chickpea meatballs (click here for recipe)

Anyone who doesn’t eat cauliflower, with this recipe will definitely eat it and want to eat it again: Gluten-free buttered-fried cauliflower (click here for recipe)

Your meal can also have..

Boiled gluten-free potato in the oven ready in 4 min (for recipe click here)

Make gluten-free fried zucchini sticks  (for recipe click here)

As for dessert I have  you three suggestions:

Gluten Free Halvas with Polenta (for recipe click here)

Sliced Orange Gluten Free Dessert – Greek Traditional Fruit Sweet with Syrup (for recipe click here)


Vasilikouda – Gluten & Dairy Free, Light Dessert (for recipe click here)


Good Luck and Bon Appétit!!!

Did you make this recipe?

I don’t want to miss any of your creations!
Take a photo & upload it to Instagram tagging me @vivoglutenfreecom so I can also be proud  for you.


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