There are times when you feel hungry and want to have a quick bite, but you’re tired of cheese and bread. You want an egg, but boiled takes too long, you don’t want fried because you have to add oil or butter, so it will have extra calores, poached in water is tasteless.

There is a solution:;

Yes!!!! In the microwave in just 30 seconds, delicious and without extra fat!


  • 1 egg


  • 1 cup of tea with its saucer



Crack a large egg into the cup. Be careful if the yolk breaks, put it aside and take another one. Cover it with the saucer and put it in the center of the microwave oven for 30 seconds. READY!!!


  • The egg should be large. If it is small put it for 15″ and another 5″ if needed. If not, then another 5″.
  • Each oven has its own time depending on how powerful it is. Adjust accordingly, after experimenting by starting with fewer seconds and increasing them. Be careful, the yolk must remain runny because if it is cooked a little bit more than firm, it explodes and makes everything mess. Also, you will scare because the saucer is flying away.
  • The cup or glass should not be too wide, so that the yolk sinks into the egg white.

Good Luck and Bon Appétit!!!


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