Hello, I’m Vikie Voyagee (VIVO)
and I’m glad that you’re here!

I’m the blogger behind  vivoglutenfree.com and I create gluten free recipes that are fresh, creative, quick, easy and perfect to share with your loved ones.

I do everything with passion, from shooting photos, creating recipes & translating them, food-styling and dining at restaurants and taverns what I can eat out, having celiac disease with symptoms when I consume even cross contamination (traces of gluten).

What’s the story behind this blog?

In June 2014 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. The only way to deal with it is a lifetime diet WITHOUT GLUTEN and without traces of it (cross contamination).

The first months were very difficult for me until I found the gf products, how they are cooked and when I go out what can I eat?

This is how this online magazine was created, although its original idea was to be in printed form. But since our cell phone / tablet have become an extension of our hand and even I, when I was looking for any information I wanted, I did it online. I quickly realized that this is the easiest way. I used my nickname, which has been with me for several years now VIVO, which are the initials of my name: VI(ckie) VO(yagee), but also because in Italian means LIVE and in English full of life and energy; active and outgoing.

In this blog you will find exclusively GLUTEN FREE recipes for meals, desserts & snacks and as well as some tips on how to work with these gf ingredients. But if you don’t have the ability to cook or you want to go out for dining, you will be able to refer to the DINING OUT section and find where you can eat safely?

Who is VIVO? Vickie Voyagee (vivo) FB

Normally someone else should write about me, but since I’m alone here (for now )
I’ll describe myself as objectively as possible (which is not possible).

I was born, raised and live in Thessaloniki, Greece. I’m a mother of a gang of 2 little boys (who grew up, but I will always see them as little) born in 2004 and 2005 (they were 1+1 gift and they are indeed a gift from God!!!). I am also a wife of one who, as he says, hides a little boy inside him. I’m not sure if this phrase is figurative or literal, and if we are being literal, when the child will come out? (hihihi!) The fact that when I knew him was thin and now he has a belly with all the accessories, proves how good cook I am.

I’ve been working as a graphic designer since 1987 and I’m an Apple & Mac  kid. I also I’m an amateur photographer (feel free to take a look at my photos on  Instagram) and I have  taken part in 3 group exhibitions. I have also been involved in pottery and have 2 participations in group exhibitions. During the years of high school and my studies I was involved in the theater. From March 2019 I started creating natural handmade soaps with pure olive oil! Restless spirit, as we called in Greece!

I’m cooking and especially backing desserts since I was a child because it is creative. I always changed the recipes I cooked because either I wanted a different taste or a different look. I usually want more colors on my plate unlike my younger son, who for many years rejected anything that had color in his food. He preferred white and earthy colors such as the beige-gold of the fried potato and the brown-beige-gold of the meatballs… Classic meatballs made of minced meat, chicken meatballs (chicken bites), fish meatballs (fish croquettes), chickpea meatballs, etc. In addition to the food’s color, for several years he had also issues with the nomenclature of the foods… But we have now overcome these 2 issues.

I haven’t studied cooking (yet) but my ups and downs of my weight, show that I love food and especially desserts.

P.S.= I am a Gemini and this has given me the humor I have (or at least I think so, when I see those around me bursting with laughter)

If you have any question you can  contact me .


Thanks again for stopping by and I wish you many delicious gluten free days!

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