VIVO GLUTEN FREE is turning 4 years old this year and I’m celebrating it with gluten-free products worth a total of 300€ to be shared by 2 lucky people (sorry, for residents in Greece only)!


4 years, 135 recipes and many new friends!

Thank you for being there for me and giving me strength to carry on. I do not hide that in these last 4 years I have learned a lot from all of you, about myself, my capabilities. There was anxiety, fear, adaptation but also perseverance, patience, strength, great joy and satisfaction when you write to me that you made the recipe and it worked and it turned out amazing!

These gifts are the least I can do to thank you for standing by me and encouraging me to keep going! That’s why I want to celebrate Vivo Gluten Free’s birthday with you!

I decided to give you some of my favorite products. And I say some, because if I put all my favorite products, then instead of mailing them, I’d have to truck them to you! 🙂  I hope you like all the things I love, put in my house and on my table!


Sorry but is for residents in Greece only.

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The contest contains NO product placement and the products are all handpicked by me.


Of course, I want to thank the following Greek companies, whether I have included any of their products in the gift package or not, because by producing or importing gluten-free products, they make our lives easier and tastier:



Thank you for the support!!! ❤

Meanwhile, you may read some things about me and contact me
if you need any specific recipe, tips or any other information.


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