For the celebration of Greek Independence Day: 25th of March I decided to make a special proposal of a complete meal for the whole family. Of course, all recipes are gluten free!

I cannot imagine a meal for celebration of 25th March, is possible without Bakaliaro Traditional Greek Recipe for Battered-Fried Salted Cod) & Skordalia” (Traditional Greek Dip with Bread, Walnut & Garlic)


As an alternative, for those who don’t want fried food, I will make fish, but still with garlic of course. So Gluten Free Baked Fish Fillet with Bread Crust


For a side dish, I will make a Boiled Potato in the oven, ready in 4 minutes with a little oil and pieces of spring onion to smell the spring that has already arrived. But also, an Easy Gluten Free Rice Pilaf in oven for those who don’t eat potatoes, like my first-born son.


For “meze” (appetizers) for “ouzo or tsipouro”, I want lots of appetizers, like Salty Anchovy Fish that can be made in 10 minutes, Zucchini Sticks that I love, Battered-Fried Cauliflower, since I will already have my batter for the cod, and Chickpea Meatballs (Falafel). Since I’ll have anchovies, I’ll fry also some, of course!




A must on our table is a green salad with the most Perfect Gluten Free Vinaigrette Dressing.


The Gluten Free bread will certainly not be missing from this Greek Festive table, and of course I will honour the day and make the Easy Garlic Bread.


For dessert, we want a sour taste to cleanse our palate. So, there are two options, but both with orange: or Vegan Gluten Free Orange Semolina Cake or Sliced Οrange Gluten Free Dessert – Greek Traditional Fruit Sweet with Syrup.

Happy 25th of March, good luck and bon appetit!!!


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